10 Ways Great Sleep Benefits Your Life

10 Ways Great Sleep Benefits Your Life

Sleep Benefits – Great sleep boosts immune system, reduces stress, improves memory and makes you live longer

Sleep benefits – We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed asleep. The average person sleeps between 8 to 12 hours a day. Sleep is our time to rest and revitalize. Here are 10 important reasons why you need to own a comfortable mattress to ensure a peaceful night’s rest and enjoy all the sleep benefits.

Sleep Benefit No. 1 – Right before you fall asleep your brain releases Melatonin, which has numerous health benefits. This natural hormone known as Melatonin is your body’s magic elixir that releases a flood of antioxidants known to boost the immune system. Antioxidants fight the damage of free radicals, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and prevent the brain from declining.

Sleep Benefit No. 2 – The easiest weight-loss program you’ll ever find. Did you know when you sleep your body is active? While you’re resting a full eight hours your body works hard through sweating, breathing, and igniting your metabolism. To make your nightly workout even more effective, drink ice water before bedtime. Cold water makes your digestive track work to reheat it to your core body temperature.

Sleep Benefit No. 3 – Reduces stress. Adequate sleep up to eight hours a night reduces stress. Sleep deprivation can make you irritable. Stress reduction lowers blood pressure, which promotes heart health.

Sleep Benefit No. 4 – Sleeping for a healthy heart.  when you sleep your heart rate decreases and your breathing steadies. As your heart slows down you’re giving it a much-needed rest. Sleeping then lowers your blood pressure, rests your heart muscles, and gives your circulatory system a break too.

Sleep Benefit No. 5 – Improves your appearance and makes you look younger. Sleep deprivation creates dark circles under your eyes, which can make you look older. Also, when you sleep your body produces more collagen in your skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles to make you look younger.

Sleep Benefit No. 6 – Increases your ability to concentrate and pay attention. For kids in school increased ability to focus helps learning to improve their grades. For adults it allows them to improve their workplace performance.

Sleep Benefit No. 7 – Reduces inflammation in the body. When you sleep your body produces proteins and hormones that reduce inflammation, which has been linked to increases in heart disease, stroke, arthritis and premature aging.

Sleep Benefit No. 8 – Improves memory and mental acuity. When we sleep our mind does something called consolidation of information. This consolidation restructures and reorganizes our memories, which improves our ability to recall those events. This consolidation promotes creativity too.

Sleep Benefit No. 9 – Boosts the immune system. Our immune systems work overtime when we sleep to kill viruses and bacteria. When we don’t get enough sleep our immune system doesn’t get enough time to do its job.

Sleep Benefit No. 10 – Live longer. Studies have shown that either too much sleep (over eight hours) or too little sleep (under eight hours) can impact longevity. People who get adequate amounts of sleep live longer.

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