The Positive Effects of Exercising on Sleep

Positive effect of exercising on sleep

Exercising on a consistent basis can contribute to healthier, more restful sleep

Isn’t it an extreme coincidence that when one exercises regularly and takes care of their body on a consistent basis, they will also sleep comfortably with no or minimal disturbances over the duration of the night? Exercising on a consistent basis can contribute to healthier, more restful sleep, which may improve sleep disorders such as insomnia.Exercising could affect one’s sleep immensely through the following four ways:

  1. Improve sleep quality
  2. Increase sleep amounts
  3. Reduce stress and relieve anxiety
  4. Help with sleep insomnia.

Studies show that exercising and other physical activities will increase one’s time in deep sleep, which is known to be the most physically and mentally restored sleep phase. In this phase, immune function will increase and get better, cardiac health will improve, and stress, depression, and anxiety levels will all be lowered.

Physical exercise also increases the duration of one’s nightly sleep. As large amounts of energy are spent throughout the course of the day through exercising activities, one will feel more tired which will lead to their body being calmer. These results will lead to increased amounts of rest at the end of the day.

Developing a regular exercise routine can also reduce one’s stress and anxiety levels. Stress is a common epidemic in many citizens today due their busy and complex lifestyles. As a result, stress also causes sleep problems for many people today.

Some of these sleep problems include having trouble falling asleep and sleeping very uncomfortably and restlessly during the night. Studies have shown that exercising even for only 15 minutes each day could reduce many mood disorders, such as anxiety, and can also trigger anti-anxiety responses throughout one’s body.

Peaceful acts such as meditation and yoga both quiet the parasympathetic nervous system of the brain, which will calm a person to relax both their mental and physical bodies. As a result, it’s imperative that one physically exercises to give their minds and stress a quick breather daily.

Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed and at inner peace with themselves! Last, scientific research has shown that exercising is essentially an effective natural therapy for improving many sleep disorders, such as sleep insomnia. Physical exercise can reduce obstructive sleep apnea significantly due to a tired and exhausted body.

As one can conclude, exercising on a regular basis, perhaps 6 days each week for only 15 minutes each day, can lead to a drastic improvement in both sleep duration and comfortability. This will allow every individual to perform at a more effective and efficient rate both in the office and with their friends and loved ones!

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