Sleep and Sleep Disorders

sleep disorders

Sleep Disorders – Not getting enough sleep is linked with many chronic diseases and conditions

Sleep Disorders – Any given night may seem like an eternity when one is constantly flipping, tossing, and turning due to the inability to sleep. The opposite scenario could also occur where getting through the day is a challenge because one is having great difficulty staying awake.

One may find themselves getting into difficult sleep situations, such as having too much or too little sleep, for many reasons. First, insomnia is a very popular sleep disorder for many individuals today.

Insomnia can be triggered through environmental, physiological, or psychological factors such as depression and stress. Other critical sleep disorder conditions include sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

Specialized research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that anywhere between 50 to 70 million adult Americans today live with sleep disorders. Though sleep abnormalities are common today, the consequences can be quite severe.

Some of the primary consequences of deprived sleep include depleted energy and impaired judgement. Also, the dangers of deprived sleep go well beyond these drastic risks. Research conducted by the CDC also linked poor sleep to chronic health issues, such as diabetes, unhappiness, heart disease, and obesity.

Many people want to ask sleep experts what the right amount of sleep is to prevent potential sleep disorders and negative emotions from occurring on a given day. The recommendation provided by the CDC generally decreased with age by as much as several hours. While baby newborns are suggested to have around 17 hours of sleep each night, adults may need as few as only seven hours.

Simple changes made in our daily life routines, such as getting to bed early and staying away from technology an hour before getting to bed, could allow us to get better sleep on a nightly, consistent basis. It is always important to discuss any possible concerns or questions that one may have about their sleep health with their doctors and therapists.

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