Quality Hybrid Mattress in the Box by Memobed

top quality hybrid mattress in the box

We’re pleased to announce the launch of memobed.com to offer quality hybrid mattress in the box

Quality hybrid mattress is here. Welcome humanity! I’m excited to announce the launch of our state of the art ecommerce website  www.memobed.com which offers our new top quality hybrid mattress brand in the box “Memobed”.

Having had significant experience in both the technology and mattress industry, we strongly felt the need of a quality mattress that is well constructed, contains premium elements found in high end mattresses.

This solves the 5 common sleeping problems for enhanced sleep quality, namely: comfort, body/back support, innovative temperature control, healthy environment, and durability.

Our sensational comfortable luxury firm hybrid mattress is listed at an affordable price and conveniently shipped in a box to our consumers nationwide for free.

We’ve worked endlessly over the past 10 months, went through many financial obstacles, designed and built numerous prototypes, and spent over 1,200 hours of research and development with rigorous testing procedures to finally make our dreams of building the Memobed hybrid mattress and a powerful infrastructure for its support, a reality.

We are now ready to move forward with this exciting new venture.

So how did it all start?

One day, my current business partner and dearest friend Ken, a 30 year veteran businessman in the mattress industry, brought up the idea of building a quality mattress everyone can afford.

While I was listening to him complaining about how high-end quality mattresses are so expensive and fewer people can afford them, I had one of those light bulb ‘a ha moments’ .

We immediately decided to partner up to start our journey in building a truly comfortable hybrid mattress that has all the premium components found only in high-end mattresses, but at an affordable price.

Today, we’ve managed to achieve this goal and offer our premium Memobed hybrid mattress at up to 70% less than comparable mattresses sold at retail stores to consumers nationwide.

So how are we able to offer this quality hybrid mattress at this rate?

  1. Cut the middle men in the selling transaction process
  2. Don’t have any store overhead
  3. Don’t pay sales commission
  4. Built a powerful online system to streamline our business processes and reduce administrative costs
  5. Provide online financing with a 5 second approval decision through our powerhouse business partner Klarna.

This is just the beginning of our company mission!

The real motivation of this endeavor came from Ken’s highly emotional story where he felt obligated to give back to his community.

In fact, the core business model of memobed.com is built upon philanthropic foundation where Memobed donates a portion of its income to charitable organizations chosen and supported by our customers.

The story touched me so deeply that I decided to partly illustrate it in “Our Story” page and share it with the world.

Memobed is all about love, passion, excitement and a sense of comfort and euphoria.

Our goal is to make sleepers feel at ease and when away feel amiss.

One recent Memobed customer mentioned: “When I’m at work, all I think about is going home and laying down on my Memobed.” This gives us a sense of assurance that we are doing an excellent job building the luxurious Memobed hybrid mattress.

We really appreciate our customers and value their business and support. Join our cause and become a Memobed mattress owner today!


Bo Sepehr
Memobed, Inc.

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